CVPC #24 – Brother Michael – Vocations Director for Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery

Brother Michael is the vocations director for Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery in Conyers Georgia.  This is a Trapist monastery.

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

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12 Responses to CVPC #24 – Brother Michael – Vocations Director for Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery

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  2. Victor DiCavallucci says:

    Cool Message :)

    I’m looking into joining the Priesthood God willing :) I was inspired listening to Brother Michael, because I’m getting older now as well going onto 38 in 6 months, and also not getting accepted to other groups, His Message gave me Hope – I hope to join someone soon :)


  3. Vinnie L says:

    I’d like you to take a look at this great orthodox and traditional Irish Catholic blog. They’ve just posted about a retreat to a Cistercian monastery. looks like something you could tell your readers about and maybe link to or blogroll…

    In Christo,

    Vin L

  4. Jo Lori says:

    Great podcast! I’m looking at Lay Cistercians, and I appreciated the nice interview. Keep up the good work, and God Bless you.

  5. Alex Valentino says:

    Excellent podcast. Brother Michael is straight forward and answers all questions to completion. You can sense the honesty and sincerity in his voice. Follow your heart; not your mind. Give it a try before it is too late. You’ll have plenty of time to change your mind.

  6. ricky says:

    I am discerning to be a trappist monk so I visited the Holy Spirit Abbey in Conyers. When I saw the place, I fell in love immediately. It is so quiet and calm. Not only the place, the monks too. There, I met personally Br Michael last December 2010 for my first vocational visit. He is a very nice man and I can sense that he is a sincere man, monk and effective vocation director. More so, his very self radiates his being “monk”–calm and gentle human being.
    After my first visit, I decide to return this May for my interview. And hopefully, I will be accepted and become a trappist monk.
    Please pray for me.

  7. B. Michael Foley says:

    Brother Michael conveys in his gracious response here, the simplicity and clarity so connected to Cistercian/Trappist spirituality. I have had the good fortune to visit Holy Spirit Monastery. Like most monasteries, Holy Spirit embodies an ambiance of stillness, quiet and peace, reflective of the monastic lifestyle lived therein by the monks. Worship finds it’s expression in many way’s on this sacred property and more communally in the magnificent Church building. Breathtaking and true to the intentions of the early Cistercians, this Church is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The monastery grounds equally provide ample space and vista’s which facilitates a receptivity toward the experience of God within. I intend on visiting again soon and encourage others to do also. As for vocation, this monastery has an excellent Novice Master. Brother Elias is a deeply spiritual man, kind, prayerful and wise. Any candidate aspiring to this way of life will find formation under his guidance and teaching as one “building on rock foundation.” As Vocation Director, Brother Michael also offers a special gift as one experienced through his own life’s journey to the monastic way of life, one invaluable to assist in the discernment process. These combination’s, a beautiful contemplative setting and authentic spiritual guides, make Holy Spirit a wise choice for any man considering vocation. A very special place.

  8. Property Wikia International says:

    I am very happy to heard that people are discerning to be a trappist monk and serve GOD…

  9. Joseph Jeffery says:

    The interview with Brother Michael was fascinating. Previous to this I was not familiar with Trapists. Their focus on prayer, silence, manual work and community is admirable. According to, there are now 17 Trapist monasteries in 12 states, “living a distinctive life of hidden fruitfulness at the heart of the church.” If I am ever in the Atlanta area, I may visit the gift shop!

  10. solomon olofi says:

    please Brother Michael, i love to become a priest in your congregation how i go about it. i am Nigerian. having reflect on their way of life. it a thing of joy for me to join your congregation

  11. Chelsea says:

    How can I become a nun?

  12. Cindy Trimble says:

    My cousin is interested in becoming a monk. He was divorced a couple of years ago and still has two small children ages 5 and 8 . One of his children are a special needs child. Would he still be eligable to join a monestary with small children dependant on their child support? His age in 47 or 48.

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