CVPC #18 – Catholic by Deep South

This week departs from the usual fare with some talk on the Eucharistic Congress and Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta. So that means no interview. I’m not really used to just talking like this, so be gentle. ;)

Catholic New Media Celebration Blues

YouTube Preview Image

Fr. Leo on Grace Before Meals

YouTube Preview Image

UStreams of the Social Hour(s)

part one

part two

part three


Zina’s Pics

Lisa’s Pics

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to send an email. The email address is podcast [at] you can also call the podcast feedback line at (615) 713-2284.

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2 Responses to CVPC #18 – Catholic by Deep South

  1. Really nice show. Thank you.
    Christ is much much more than any athlete, rock star or somewhat, but it is awesome when people realize this and honor him the way He deserves…

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks Edgar. It’s always cool to get positive feedback. :)

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